Zyre Vision

We explain The Zyre Project, a new start-up in the mobile application space.

Context and Background

Our computers are getting small and mobile. The desktop is slowly dying and the future is smartphones and tablets. Software will follow. It is becoming simpler, more visual, and more social. The Web started this trend, and mobile apps will continue it. We ask the question: “how to make money from this shift”. Microsoft sales in 2010 were $64bn. Mobile value-added services in the same period were $250bn. This tells us: the money is in services aimed at smartphone consumers.

The Present

In 2011, the market is in flux. There is no clear leader between iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia. Developers are fragmented. 80% of phone sales are still not smartphones. There are no market leaders in the mobile application space. The game is still open. Smartphones give us a killer hardware platform: powerful computer, high-resolution screen, megapixel camera, GPS, always-on Internet, and soft keyboard.

The Future

We expect the market to consolidate so that iPhone and Android dominate smartphones with 60-75% of sales and Nokia dominates feature phones with 25-40% of sales. In 2-3 years, 1bn consumers will own a smartphone. The market is huge, and global, with big variations in language and culture.

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